Red-eye is bad, but White-eye is worse!

This is more of a public service announcement, but it is definitely photography related. I just read an article about how photography (as in simple, point & shoot – not medical photography) can reveal the presence of a childhood eye cancer that is called “retinoblastoma”.
Everyone has taken, or been in a photograph with red-eye. This happens when your flash is at nearly the same axis to the subject’s eyes as the lens. The light from the flash strikes all those blood-rich vessels at the back of the eye and the redness reflects back.
In some cases the flash sets off a white-eye reflex where one, or both of the subject’s pupils appear to be white (the whole pupil, or sometimes white specks within the pupil). This is a telltale sign of the presence of retinoblastoma. Early detection makes a big difference in how much sight can be saved – so, if you notice it in your snapshots, call for an appointment with an Opthalmologist stat!
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