Pumpkin – my muse

I catch a lot of grief from my family because of the attention I give to our cat, Pumpkin. Her impromptu portrait sessions are deemed a waste of time. My wife, out of jealousy, makes comments about how I have “too much time” on my hands, or that she is sure I have more important things I should be working on. It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose. I see the Pumpkin Sessions as a creative exploration. Unlike the other members of the family, Pumpkin does not complain one bit about having her portrait taken. Maybe if I’d offered my daughters little pieces of turkey lunch meat, they would have been more cooperative during their portrait sessions. It’s a fair question.

At any rate, it’s my family’s fault that I am now a “cat person”. Before our first cat, Oreo, was forced upon me – I could take them or leave them. He won me over and became the son I never had. Pumpkin owes him a lot – she owned me from the beginning. For that reason, I included some pics of him in this post. I never really got how people came to see their pets as family members – but I do now.

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