INFO: I love a collage!

It used to be that photographers would just shoot to the point where they felt they had a good (or hopefully, great) image. Then, try a few additional poses, and realistically – hope there were two or three “keepers”. Back then, packages were the successful way to market portraiture, because the typical “portrait package” was all about one or possibly (in the really flexible ones) two images. Of course, this is way back in the days of something called “film”. Digital photography changed everything. Among other things, digital capture gives the photographer more freedom to experiment,. What does this have to do with collages, you may be asking? My opinion, more freedom to experiment, and incredible digital imaging software like Photoshop add up to unique approaches to the end product. That’s the long-winded version of “you can design really cool things”. But, enough talk, here are some collages!

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