Alyssa & Derek’s Wedding in Dover, DE

Well, it’s the usual story for me and my blogging. Lots of thoughts converge (most of them negative), every time my computer reminds me that it’s time to post to my blog. Is anyone actually going to read my comments? What if I say something funny, but the reader interprets my meaning other than intended…and thinks I’m a jerk? *For new readers – I AM funny, so always factor that into all comments. 🙂  Then, there is the way that one is supposed to blog that will gain the most traction for internet searches. Something I’m learning more and more about, but never enough to where I’m ready to just rapid-fire out the blog posts. So, with all that in my head, I really have no choice but to postpone, procrastinate, and do other…mostly unproductive things instead.

Enough already! This post is the best example of how pointless and counterproductive all of that other stuff is. This lovely bride is my very own daughter. She was married nearly 8 months ago! Shame on me. I know it’s taken a while (since the wedding, and since I started this post!) – time to get to it.

Now, I may be “Father of the Bride”, but I am also a dude, and I’m not going to sit here and talk about how beautiful the dress was, or comment on her hair and makeup. I’ll just sum it up and tell you she was beautiful…extra beautiful. I did the photography at our home, while my friend/photographer Darryl Sigmon photographed the boys, the ceremony, and pretty much everything else. I did take the bride and groom portraits at the church, The Church of the Holy Cross, and on the Legislative Green in Dover, Delaware. I thought I’d keep at it during the reception, as I really dislike dancing. Turns out, I put the camera down early on and never looked back. No, my status as a dancer didn’t change – I just enjoyed the time with family and friends and I knew we were in good hands with Darryl.

I’ve photographed more than a few weddings, but viewing it as “Father of the Bride” was definitely a new perspective. So much goes into a wedding day and it all goes by so fast. People tell me all the time, “I don’t even remember you taking that shot”, or, “I didn’t even know that happened”. It makes a great case for how important it is to choose your wedding photographer…but I’m not posting to sell myself this time (but feel free to use the “Contact Lance” link at the top if you’d like to chat). 🙂  In fact, I do feel I’m much more useful to my wedding clients now, because I have experience from both sides of the fence.

Walking my daughter down the aisle, seeing our “baby” stand before God and exchange vows with a man who loves her completely, wowing our friends and family with our Dad & daughter dance, my amazing toast – the high point of which was making sure everyone acknowledged how awesome I looked in my tux…the list goes on. I should also mention that the dance credit mostly goes to Barbara of Barbara’s Dance Academy, also in Dover, DE. She was very patient with our 4 left feet. Also, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the reception venue – The Modern Maturity Center. Great food, great service – we couldn’t have been happier.

One down, two to go…but no need to rush things. 🙂

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