A personal project and a learning experience

Several months ago, I bought my beloved first “Harley” – the V-Rod and..I love her. If you know me at all, you know also of my affection for our cat – “Pumpkin”. Where am I going with this? Just hang in there for a minute, I promise it’s totally worth it.

I was recently motivated to do some personal work – not for any commercial purpose, but solely for personal and artistic satisfaction. It was an online class and what they were saying really hit home. A lot of good comes from just exploring ideas and trying new things.   This piece, aka, “The Pumpkin Project” is my first real effort at what I consider a complex composite, and despite (or maybe, because of) the taunting and mockery of friends and family, I have arrived at exactly where I wanted to be. I love doing composites and I see endless possibilities with them in both my portrait and wedding imagery. More to come on that. For now, I thought it would be cool to show the individual images and the final piece. Of course, I only used one image of Pumpkin, but I thought the others added to the story, and… you can never get too much Pumpkin. 🙂

Special thanks to:

Darryl Sigmon: friend, “stand-in model” and photographer

Pumpkin: Your attention and patience were…fleeting, but I know you had crickets to catch. The time you gave me was appreciated.

The artist “appigator” over at deviantART – his image in the background

Harley V-Rod composite portrait


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